Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Total Recall #31: Catching The Late Train

Quaid realizes he has missed his regular train, but he still doesn't know how he got in the taxi. As the small blue car enters the station, Johnny Cab asks: "This OK?".
"Right here.", replies Quaid as he opens the door.
"Thank you for taking Johnny Cab!", says the automation. "Hope you enjoyed the ride!".
Quaid quickly heads toward the upper level, hoping to catch the next train, when he is stopped by a familiar voice. . .

Total Recall #30: Johnny Cab

The bizarre robotic operator of the taxi turns his attention back towards the road. Quaid, miffed and disorientated, continues questioning the driver:
"I mean . . what am I doing here?", blurts Doug.
Perplexed, the robot says: "I'm sorry, would you please rephrase the question, huh?".
"How did I get in dis tack-zee?!", demands Quaid.
"The door opened...you got in.", states the machine, as a matter of fact. He rolls his eyes in disbelief at a human's seemingly blatant stupidity. "Hell of a day, isn't it?", he adds.
Quaid sits back, still trying to figure out what has transpired.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Total Recall #29: Taxi Ride

An angular, blue taxi cab speeds along the highway. While the driver whistles happily to himself, his passenger begins to awake. Jostled by the rocking of the vehicle and the noise from its operator, Douglas Quaid finally wakes up. His body moves with the motion of the cab as he looks about, trying to get his bearings. Turning towards the driver, Quaid asks: "Where am I?".

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Total Recall #27: Whoopzie Daisy

". . Oh, shit. . .". Bob McClane now realizes that he and his team at Rekall have a serious problem on their hands. Dr. Lull drives the point home by saying: "I've been trying to tell you - someone has erased his memory!". Upon hearing this, Bob's heart drops to his ass.
"Wait! Excuse me!", interjects Ernie. "Someone?!? We're talking about the fucking agency!".
"Shut up!", Dr. Lull whirls and slaps Ernie forcefully on the left side of his face. The lab tech has mentioned something that should not be mentioned. McClane, slowly recovering from Quaid's attack, begins to take charge: "Ok . .alright . .alright, look. Here's what we're gonna do. Renata, cover-up any memory he's got of us or Rekall!".
"I'll do what I can. It's pretty messy in there.", says Lull.
McClane hurriedly continues: "Ernie, dump him in a cab, around the corner! Tiffany, you help him. I'm gonna destroy his file and refund his money. . .".

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Total Recall #25: Stupid Question

"You alright?", Dr. Lull asks a relieved Bob McClane. The rattled travel agent shoots her a dirty look.
"Listen to me.", continues Lull. "He has been going on and on about Mars. He has really been there!".
"Use your head you dumb bitch!", barks McClane. "He's just acting out the secret agent portion of his ego trip!!".
"I'm afraid that's not possible.", says Lull tersely.
"Why not?!!", snaps McClane. . .

Monday, August 9, 2010

Total Recall #24: Who Do You Think You Are?

"Ernie, grab his leg!", screams Dr. Lull. "Hold him down! Quick!".
"UNTYE ME! LET ME GO! AAAOOWW!!!"; Quaid screams as Dr. Lull shoots sedatives repeatedly into his leg. A stream of blood pours from his thigh. After eight injections, "Quaid" slips into unconsciousness. . .

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Total Recall #23: CRRUNCH!

The soft tissue in Bob McClane's neck is rapidly pulverized under the iron grip of Douglas Quaid. As the helpless travel agent's larynx starts to collapse, Quaid looks intensely at his victim. . .

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Total Recall #22: Going Ape Shit

Bob runs into Rekall's lab to find Ernie and Dr. Lull struggling to restrain a hyper-agitated Quaid. Doug has gone totally berserk, kicking Ernie across the room as he bellows: "AARRGGH! GET OFF! YOU BLEW MY COV-VA!! AAAHH!".
Bob yells at Renata: "What's going on here?! You can't do a simple goddamned double implant??!!".
"It's not my fault! He's got a memory cap!", Dr. Lull yells back.
"What the hell's he talking about!?!", asks Bob.
Frightened out of her mind, Dr. Lull screams back: "I don't know!!".
"LET ME GO!", blasts Quaid.
"Mr. Quaid! Try to calm down!", Bob shouts as he attempts to placate his once happy customer. . .

Monday, August 2, 2010

Total Recall #21: Trouble At Rekall

While dealing with a new client, Bob McClane is interrupted by a banging on his office window. It's Tiffany, Rekall's bootylicious secretary, frantically telling him to answer his Vid-Com phone. On the screen is a panicked Dr. Lull. Something has gone wrong with Douglas Quaid's memory implantation. . .

Yellow Submarine: The Sea of Green

For this group shot of the foursome traveling towards the Sea of Green , I chose to alter the colors of their clothes seen in the film. Th...