Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Pac-Man Frog sez . . .

"Do unto others as they would do onto you". Or something like that. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Or just show some kindness. Keep your problems to yourself. Don't spread them throughout the world; either big or small. Do I have to change your diaper? Like the Frog say: "Karma's a Bitch, Bro. . . . Ribit!".

Mrs. Bette Graham

Mrs. Bette Graham, that's who! Also known for creating Michael Nesmith of The Monkees. A 1980 article from Fanfare magazine (August/September issue) featured a short history on the development of Liquid Paper: 

"If anyone ever profited from her own mistakes it was Bette Clair Graham. A bank secretary and a freelance artist, Mrs. Graham concocted in her kitchen in 1954 a fluid to paint over her typing errors. Using her knowledge of pigments & solvents, she "put some tempera water base paint in a bottle & took my watercolor brush to the office & used that to correct my mistakes", according to a recent interview.
She kept the invention to herself, but two years later the liquid she called "Mistake-Out" was being used by all the secretaries in her building & an office supply dealer urged her to market it. But marketing agencies weren't impressed & she decided to sell the fluid on her own. She formed Liquid Paper Corp. & in a few months was filling orders from around the country for the tiny bottles of white paint equipped with a small brush.
Mrs. Graham died May 12, 1980 at age 56 of an undisclosed illness, having sold the firm in November of 1979 to the Gillette Co. for $47.5 million. At the time of her death those tiny white bottles were earning $3.5 million annually on sales of $38 million.".

Liquid Paper

That nifty little creation known as Liquid Paper / White-Out. Who came up with it?

Idaho Herd Bull

Drawn two years ago while waiting for an oil change . . .

Yellow Submarine: The Sea of Green

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