Saturday, April 23, 2011

What do you mean there's no Easter Bunny!?! (Part Four)

I think I was about ten or eleven when the news came out: there was no Easter Bunny. He didn't break into the house to leave chocolate and Star Wars figures. Those weren't his foot prints: that was my Dad. When I fell asleep, he'd take some cotton balls, cover them in baby powder, and made a slew of "bunny tracks" on the hardwood floors.
I was completely devastated.

What do you mean there's no Easter Bunny!?! (Part Three)

..yeah, you keep laughin'!...

What do you mean there's no Easter Bunny!?! (Part Two)

Look at that! Huh?! Look at That! Proof-positive the Easter Bunny exists. He hops in the side door, leaving his tracks (and more importantly some candy and gifts) along the way before he goes to the next house. Look at the pictures again, tough guy!...

What do you mean there's no Easter Bunny!?!

I always knew there was no Santa Claus. What I mean by that is, I knew no fat guy was squeezing himself down the world's chimneys on December 24th. Every Christmas Eve I was told by my parents that a certain room in the house was forbidden to enter: usually it was there bedroom. For two hours you'd hear nothing but the sounds of torn paper, boxes being "rolled" on the floor, scissors cutting, and tape being dispensed. The cookies left out for Santa happened to be the same my father liked. You get the picture. I was wise. But I was still stunned Christmas morning. There was always an avalanche of gifts under the tree. That's not to say I don't believe in the spirit of St. Nick now. It can grab hold and open the heart of the stingiest miser every yuletide season.
But, it was a different story with the Easter Bunny. There was no way that guy wasn't real. What's that? You think that's funny? Take a look at the proof smart guy!...

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Total Recall #41: Does Someone Have a Boo-Boo?

Quaid spins a rapid 180 to his left and finds another creep about to strike. A speedy chop to the goon's mouth sends a ribbon of blood flowing through the air..

Monday, April 11, 2011

Total Recall #40: Stay Down!

As Harry screams in torment, one of his cronies launches into another attack. Quaid whirls quickly, squarely smashing the thug in his solar plexus. .

Total Recall #39: Trouble for Harry

A swift blow to Harry's chest sends him reeling in pain. Quaid kicks the gun from his hand as Harry winces in agony. .

Friday, April 1, 2011

Total Recall #37: A Change in Attitude.

Quaid's demeanor rapidly changes from meek to merciless as he growls and throws off his assailants. . .

Recall Recap

When we last saw Douglas Quaid, he was in the lower level of a subway station about to be killed by his friend Harry. .
"Harry, you're making a big mistake!", pleads Quaid. "You got me mixed up with zom-body else!".
But, Harry isn't listening. .

It's back!

After quite some time, Total Recall is back! For those of you who have already joined the ride, I hope these new drawings don't disappoint. For anyone wanting to start from the beginning, this tribute began with the June 30th 2010 post on this blog. And now . .

Yellow Submarine: The Sea of Green

For this group shot of the foursome traveling towards the Sea of Green , I chose to alter the colors of their clothes seen in the film. Th...