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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wyatt Earp

If you don't know who this is, Kurt Russell played him in a movie twenty years ago.  If you don't know who Kurt Russell is, I can't help you.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Shane McGowan!

Regarded by some as a self-destructive drunk & by others as a brilliant artist, Shane McGowan is both. As the lead singer & a founding member of The Pogues, McGowan began his career during the heydey of the U.K. Punk movement.  He & his bandmates quickly changed their approach & injected a stronger, more traditional irish sound into their music.  The results were positive: success followed The Pogues, particularly through constant touring.  However, McGowan's substance abuse was a steady dark cloud.  His ups & downs with drugs & alcohol (mostly downs) led to frequent drunk performances.  In 1991, he was booted out of The Pogues, formed a new band, Shane McGowan and The Popes, but then rejoined his original bandmates in 2001.  His heavy use of alcohol continued though, most infamously when he vomited on audience members during a gig soon after he rejoined The Pogues.  Despite his behavior, ear-marked as prime examples of the Rock 'n Roll lifestyle & resulting in health problems, McGowan continues on to this day.  He is widely regarded as an artist who represents & speaks the voice of Ireland.

Great Presidential Quotes!

The wolverine

It's cold out there . . .

I don't like the cold.  
I'm not a cold weather person.  
I don't like ice and I don't like black ice, but that doesn't make me a racist.  
I don't like freezing wind or rain.  
I don't like the chill.  
Snow is O.K. but just as long as its gone in a few days.  
In today's modern times though what I really dislike is the increasing coldness of people.  
In their quest to be dominant over their own fears, people are instead working to be dominant over others.  
Having faith in technology and nothing else, Humanity is losing its humanity.  
That I really don't like.

On the phone with Murray the K.

Next to the Tony Smurf cartoon posted last year, this is the first multi-panel cartoon I've done in a long time.  This was also produced faster than the TS one & in my opinion, it's better.  This nostalgic/historic tid-bit is based on scenes from the Maysles brothers' film, The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit.

Who was Murray the K?

Yellow Submarine: The Sea of Green

For this group shot of the foursome traveling towards the Sea of Green , I chose to alter the colors of their clothes seen in the film. Th...