Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day from "Little" Jackie Wright!

Despite the fact he retired in 1983 and passed away in 1989, Belfast's own "Little" Jackie Wright continues to bring laughter to those who view his comedic antics. Forever known as "the little bald guy from The Benny Hill Show", Jackie was a diminutive Irish comedian & entertainer. However, big laughs were always a guarantee when he appeared on Hill's show. He was regularly slapped on the top of his head by Hill which got an immediate riotous response from the audience. Wright was also a music hall performer and singer. Hill put these skills to good use in an extremely funny way especially during the 1970s. Spoofing pop stars of the day, Wright often appeared as glam-rockers, mod and punk performers, and sometimes even female singers. The end results of these skits have to be seen to be fully appreciated. Born in 1905, he entered the world of television late in his life, beginning in his sixties, but his partnership with Hill continues to this day through re-runs and home video.

R. I. P. Oscar Gamble