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. . and for those who didn't know in the first place. . .

For those who've forgotten . . .

That's right, folks! It's only 5 years away!

Paint Spill!! #3

Paint Spill!! #2

Paint Spill!!

Come visit our other locations!!!!

The Most Cigarettes Smoked!

The Mighty Teeth of John Massis!

The McCrary Brothers!

Roman Gabriel: Most Fumbles of Any Football Player!

Smack Ya Self!!

Disney, Hepburn, Schwarzenegger!

Exceptional Phonographic Achievements!!

Charlie Charles & The World's Smallest Bicycle!

The World's Smallest Violin!

World's Biggest Cat! 2

World's Biggest Cat!

The Heaviest Human of All Time: Robert Earl Hughes

The Heaviest Human of All Time: Robert Earl Hughes

Hey! Who's This!?! . .

Nice Beaver!!

Hot Dog Muncher!

Hot Water Bottle Blower!

The largest Raggedy Ann doll IN THE WORLD!!!

The largest ball of string collected!

The World's biggest tomato!

Murari Mohan Aditya

What the fudge!?! Cut those fingernails, pal! . . .

The Guinness Book of World Records Exhibit Hall!

Meanwhile, in Manhattan . .

Homemade Honus Wagner card