Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Paint Spill!! #3

Just remember that if you drop a can of paint in a parking lot and drive through it in a panic, somebody else has to clean up your mess. Act like adults, folks. Your parents won't be brought in to yell at you.

Paint Spill!! #2

. . everybody fucks up now and then . . .

Paint Spill!!

Folks, don't be embarrassed if you fuck up in public . . .

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Come visit our other locations!!!!

Now in five different locations, you can see world records - on video tape as they were set, real record objects, three-dimensional replicas, and color and monochrome photographs. More than 200 exhibits are housed in each of the five Exhibit Halls, which are open long hours 7 days a week during the warm weather months and all year round in New York. Admission prices are reasonable, with special rates for children and school groups!

The Most Cigarettes Smoked!

Scott Case smoked 110 cigarettes simultaneously for 30 seconds at the Oddball Olympics in Los Angeles in May, 1974! He unfortunately passed away six months later from a rare disease known as Super Cancer.

The Mighty Teeth of John Massis!

The strongest teeth in the world belong to "Hercules" John Massis (born Wilfried Oscar Morbee, June, 4, 1940) of St. Amandsberg, Belgium, who on October 19, 1976, demonstrated the ability to pull a locomotive and a truck weighing 135.5 tons on a level track at Park Royal, London, with a bit in his teeth. At Evry, France, on March 19, 1977, he raised a weight of 513 5/8 lbs. to a height of 6 inches from the ground with a bit in his teeth. Here he can be seen goofing off at a LIRR train yard on Long Island, New York.

The McCrary Brothers!

The McCrary brothers of Hendersonville, North Carolina are the heaviest twins on record! In January, 1978, Bill Leon and Benny Lloyd McCrary each weighed 742 lbs. and had 84 inch waists! During their career as professional tag team wrestling performers they were billed at weights up to 770 lbs. After one 6 week strict slimming course in a hospital, they emerged weighing 5 lbs. more. Since they have difficulty walking they usually ride their mini-bikes everywhere, even indoors. Each has a specialty built car with a steering wheel post that is rounded in a big loop.

Roman Gabriel: Most Fumbles of Any Football Player!

Roman Gabriel of the Los Angeles Rams & the Philadelphia Eagles has fumbled the ball 105 times between the years 1962 through 1976. What a knucklehead!!!

Smack Ya Self!!

Disney, Hepburn, Schwarzenegger!

Yes, the trifecta of Hollywood talent!!! Arnold Schwarzenegger, is reputedly "history's most perfectly developed man!". Walt Disney won more Oscars than any other person. His total was 17 plus 12 certificates and plaques for a total of 29 awards from 1931 to 1969! The only performer to win three Oscars for her starring roles has been Katherine Hepburn in Morning Glory, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, and The Lion in Winter and all three awards are pictured above!

Exceptional Phonographic Achievements!!

The best-selling album of all time is the double album of the soundtrack of the film Saturday Night Fever, with 12 million copies sold worldwide by May 1, 1978! The majority of the songs were written by the Bee Gees, comprising the three Gibb brothers Barry Allen and the twins Robin and Maurice.
The singers with the greatest sales of any group were The Beatles. The greatest advance sale was 2,100,000 for Can't Buy Me Love released in the U.S. on March 16, 1964. The all-time Beatles sales by the end of 1977 have been estimated at 100 million singles and 100 million albums - a total unmatched by any other recording act. The Beatles have had the most No. 1 records (20) and Elvis Presley had the most hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100 - 97 from 1956 to May, 1978.
The greatest seller of any record to date is White Christmas by Irving Berlin with 25,000,000 for the Bing Crosby version and more than 100,000,000 in other versions. On June 9, 1960, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce presented Harry Lillis (alias Bing) Crosby, Jr. with a platinum disc to commemorate his 200,000,000th record sold from 2,600 singles and 125 albums he had recorded. On September 15, 1970, he received a second platinum disc when 300,650,00 records had been sold by Decca. His first commercial recording was I've Got the Girl recorded on October 18, 1926, and his first million-seller was Sweet Leilani in 1937.
Elvis Aaron Presley had 150 major hits on singles and 70 best-selling albums from 1956 and continuing after his death. It may be assumed that he succeeded Crosby as the top-selling solo artist.
And in a small cinematic related tidbit, the film with the highest world gross earnings is Star Wars directed by George Lucas, which from May 25, 1977, to April 1, 1978, grossed $350 million worldwide! Yowza!!!

Charlie Charles & The World's Smallest Bicycle!

The world's smallest wheeled rideable bicycle is one with 2 1/8 wheels, weighing 2 lbs., built and ridden by Charlie Charles at Circus Circus Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada!

The World's Smallest Violin!

This fully functional violin is only 2 inches long! It was made by Morris Samskin of Brooklyn, New York!

World's Biggest Cat! 2

World's Biggest Cat!

The largest member of the cat family (Felidae) is the long-furred Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica), also known as the Amur or Manchurian tiger. Adult males average 1o feet 4 inches in length (nose to tip of extended tail), stand 39-42 inches at the shoulder, and weigh about 585 lbs. A male weighing 846.5 lbs. was shot in the Sikhote Alin Mountains, Maritime Territory, U.S.S.R. in 1950. In November, 1967, an 857 lb. Indian tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) was shot in northern Utter Pradesh by David H. Hasinger of Philadelphia. It measured 10 feet 7 inches long (between taxidermist's pegs), or 11 feet 1 inch over the curves, compared with 9 feet 3 inches and 420 lbs. for the average adult male. It is now on display in the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

The Heaviest Human of All Time: Robert Earl Hughes

Many of Mr. Hughes' clothes had to be custom-made from other sets of clothing. Such was the case with the giant overalls he frequently wore. 3 to 4 pairs were often sewn together to make one wearable garment! This reproduction resides at The Guinness Hall as the original pair were too smelly & stinky to display!

The Heaviest Human of All Time: Robert Earl Hughes

This is Robert Earl Hughes when he weighed only 700 lbs. He later reached a top weight of 1,069 lbs. He was buried in a coffin the size of a piano case!

Hey! Who's This!?! . .

Who is this corpulent fellow?

Nice Beaver!!

NICE BEAVER!!! Uhh . . . . . mammal with the world's sharpest teeth?? . . .

Hot Dog Muncher!

Linda Kuerth dethroned the former wiener munching champion in a head-to-head contest at Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, on July 12, 1977! Yesiree, she certainly is the Hot Dog Queen of the World!!

Hot Water Bottle Blower!

Englishman Stuart Hughes is one of two masters of this esoteric art! The bottles can be blown to extend to 5 feet 6 inches before they burst!

The largest Raggedy Ann doll IN THE WORLD!!!

Measuring 23 feet long, this huge Raggedy Ann doll was completed in June, 1977, by 25 students from Sharyne Wolfe's class at the Adult Consumer & Homemaking Education Program, Bronx, New York!

The largest ball of string collected!

Francis Johnson of Darwin, Minnesota, began this string ball in 1950! It now measures 11 feet in diameter and weighs 5 tons! Boy Howdy!

The World's biggest tomato!

Grace's Gardens, Hackettstown, New Jersey, reported a 6 lb. 8 oz tomato grown by Clarence Dailey of Monona, Wisconsin, in August, 1976!

Murari Mohan Aditya

The longest fingernails in the world belong to Murari Mohan Aditya of Calcutta, India! The length of the nails on the left hand of Mr. Aditya total 55 1/2 inches! The longest, on his ring finger, extends 12 inches. He has given each nail a separate name! They have grown since March, 1962 to 76 inches, and were last measured on February 28, 1978. Human nails normally grow from cuticle to cutting length from 117 to 138 days.

What the fudge!?! Cut those fingernails, pal! . . .

The Guinness Book of World Records Exhibit Hall!

The Guinness Book of World Records Exhibit Hall! With paperback copies available thru scholastic book clubs or cartons of cigarettes, any child can find a world of weird info at their fingertips! Come join us as we tour this fantastic cultural landmark nestled high above the clouds over The Big Apple! . .

Meanwhile, in Manhattan . .

The year is 1979 and the kids are going crazy! For at the top of the world-famous Empire State Building resides . . .

Homemade Honus Wagner card

All it takes to make your own valuable piece of sports memorabilia is a scanner, printer, glue, & scissors. Just don't try to pass it off as the real thing . . .


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