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The Amityville Horror: Severed Pig's Head

The Amityville Horror: The House

The Amityville Horror: William Defeo Jr.

Thank you, Mr. Toast

Phantom of the Paradise

I reememburr . . doin' The TIIMEE WARRP!!

Rubber Monster Masks!

Famous Monsters Vampire Girl

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Laugh, Clown, Laugh

A Blind Bargain

Man of a Thousand Faces

13th Century Werewolf

Beware the sign of the Pentagram

Woodland Spook

Watch Out!

Witch's Familar

Dennison Witch

It's time for the Goolies Getogether!

Come on now, sing out . .

Everybody shout . .

Mr. Hyde (1920)

Mr. Hyde (1932)

King of the Vampires

Vincent Price in The Bat

Lon Chaney Jr. & The Full Moon

The Reptile

Kenner's Bionic Bigfoot

Milton Bradley's Bigfoot

Mezco Bigfoot

Batson's Burn Scar & Wound Effect

Leaf's Vampire Bubble Gum

Monster Inside the Box

Oozing Orb

Squeaking Freak Teeth

The Creature Walks Among Us

Outer Limits Alien

Journey Into Unknown Worlds #21