Saturday, March 31, 2018

Remember Brandon Lee . . . .

Killed 25 years ago when he was struck by a bullet loaded into a prop gun, Brandon Lee never lived to see the success he would achieve after death. Living in the shadow of his late father, the legendary Bruce Lee, Brandon struggled to establish his own identity in Hollywood and in life. He had some minor success on television with 1986's Kung Fu: The Movie and the feature film Showdown in Little Tokyo in 1991, alongside Dolph Lundgren.
However, in 1992 Lee started to shake things up in cinema's with Rapid Fire; an excellent action flick now unjustly forgotten. Rapid Fire (similar in tone to his father's movie, The Big Boss) left a strong impression on me. Brandon Lee didn't hide from his father's legacy in this film, in fact, he openly embraced it. After watching this motion picture I was really looking forward to many future projects from this young actor.
That future became all too brief when on the afternoon of March, 31 1993, Lee died in a North Carolina hospital, the victim of a gunshot wound. With his current film now in limbo, we were not going to see anymore of this dynamic celebrity. I equate the loss of Brandon Lee to the death of Kurt Cobain a year later. Both are tragic losses that affected me and others of my generation.

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